The Three P’s of Life

People, paper, and priorities. Aah…the essence of life. So much of what we face in life involves these three things or a combination of them. So how does one go about juggling all these things?

As to people the world is a large place but when you think about the connections you have and the number of times the connections overlap the world can get smaller. I am constantly meeting people who know someone I know and I can’t imagine I am so unique in this regard. Given the number of people I know it is necessary that I periodically review and organize my contacts. Sometimes I call them or email them or contact them via social media. Then I group them by geographical area, how I know them, what they do for a living, and other commonalities or notes. This helps me in knowing when to contact them and even when to make connections and introductions between them.

As a lawyer I have a HUGE stack of paper and pleadings and documents to work on at any one time. As we speak I have a 3 1/2 inch stack of medical records on my desk….I have to sort the paper and make decisions on what to do with it and when and how. Everyone has some paper in their life whether it be work, schoolwork, bills, mail, etc. One strategy is to minimize the amount of paper by utilizing things such as scanning, email, or cloud storage. Another thought is to create system of trays, folders or boxes in which you place papers and documents for initial separation and future handling. This method can also help with priorities which we shall move to now.

Whether it be organizing our calendars or selecting activities or making new acquaintances the key is to set some priorities. Priority necessarily means to rank your tasks in order of combined importance, urgency, and time required for completion. One of my brothers makes a daily handwritten list of priorities and reviews the list each night to set the next day’s agenda. One of my friends has his daily to-do list integrated with his Outlook calendar while I have a “to do” tile on my Windows phone courtesy of Microsoft. Whatever works for you is what you should use with the goal being an efficient administration of your day….and maybe even leave some time for some fun.

Over the weekend take 30 minutes to think about the paper in your life and how you can organize how you receive, what you do with it, and managing all deadlines. I hope you are on track to manage the people, paper, and priorities in your life. If you have tips or resources you use to cover these areas of your life please feel free to share (keep them clean and constructive please) so I can share with others. Best wishes to you for a great week and beyond.


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