Why? Revisited

With all the crazy things going on in the world today I am sure all of us stop and wonder “why?” for some of what we see or hear.  I know I sure do.  Jadakiss of the Lox coined a great one when he asked “Why” several years ago.  Allow me to share just a few of my latest “whys”….

Why do major companies have outages and service interruptions yet rarely (if at all) offer credits or compensation to customers? Heck, some of them will even dodge the issue altogether

Why do people handle complex or costly legal matters on their own and then contact a lawyer only after things are in a tough situation…and then expect the lawyer to work a miracle?

Why do some businesses spend more money cheating people than just relying on quality customer service and honesty?

Feel free to submit some of your “whys” by clicking in the Comment box below.  Clean and constructive “whys” may be posted on the Law and Life Blog.  Thanks for following this blog.


1 Comment

  1. Jeff A.

    Why do they call it “rush hour” when nothing moves? – Robin Williams

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