Unfair Value, Unfair Result

When your vehicle is totalled in an accident you want and deserve fair value for the vehicle.  Too often insurance companies nickel and dime the consumer leading to frustration and, in some cases, throwing in the towel and accepting less than what is deserved.  Here a local news station intervened and assisted a consumer get increased value for their crash-damaged vehicle.

If you find yourself in a similar situation you should contact an attorney for a consultation.  Honestly, there are occasions when the amount of money involved is too small for an attorney to be able to cost-effectively assist the consumer.  On such occasions the consumer can either seek a non-lawyer vehicle expert (click here and here for examples) or file a lawsuit.  However you decide to proceed I wish you success in obtaining a fair resolution of your vehicle value claim.



  1. P Fuller

    Did you get my ticket and money last week. Pat Fuller336 5017656.

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  2. David M. Carlton

    For a successful claim you need to get a total estimate of the car’s value, both before the accident and after the repairs have been served. It is the responsibility of vehicle owners to prove their loss. If the insurance company rejects the claim, then the owners can approach the court with the help of a litigation lawyer.

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