The Before and After of How I Can Help You

Let’s get right down to business, shall we?

Before means preventive measures.  Trying to avoid your need for legal services, liability, and/or cost in the future.  Before includes:


Free Information Center—includes tips on buying a vehicle, selecting a contractor, dealing with debt collectors, devising strategies to protect you and/or your small business from liability……..and many other resources

Drafting a contract or other document(s) to establish legal rights and liabilities

Protecting your small business from a liability or litigation nightmare
Attorney John O'Neal

After means reacting to something that has already happened.  You have been sued or you are in the midst of a legal situation and are in need of fairly immediate help or representation.  After includes:

Handling a traffic ticket

What to do in the case of a personal injury or wrongful death

Figuring out your options on a vehicle transaction gone wrong

Determining if you have defenses or counterclaims when sued on a debt, contract, or other civil matter

NOTE:  If you have a potential case, please read “What You Need To Have” so you can be prepared for an initial consultation

If you need me either before or after something happens, contact me.  Thanks for your ongoing support and I look forward to serving you if appropriate.



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