Tips for Summer Sanity

July is almost over and that means the end of summer is near.  Whether you base it on the return of children to school or college or even the approach of Labor Day, the days of summer are winding up.  Be sure to enjoy the rest of yours and here are some tips on how to do so with minimal legal interference (hopefully):  summer fun and safety

  1. Go a bit easier on that gas pedal when driving and don’t “drive dirty”….here’s why
  2. When going to a game watch the field of play and your surroundings…’s why.  Not convinced?  Read this
  3. Deconstruct those you may ask to perform construction work for you….here’s why
  4. Contemplate and cover the details when renting that vehicle….here’s why

I wish you many good times and memories, safe travels, and all the best as we all try to grab what is left of summer 2014.




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