A Weekend of Connections

Weekend was good….it was great! Allan, thanks immensely for the Nationals tickets…the Saturday night game was awesome and despite a few raindrops my Nationals won 8-3.  I had an opportunity to see some family and some of the historical sights and landmarks (from afar….in the car….and on the Metro…..no time for any tours or up-close viewing).  As always, I can’t wait to get back to the nation’s capital.

While away this weekend I thought about how important it is to make quality connections.  It was connections that scored me the Nationals tickets (thanks again Allan!) and on Friday as I was driving up to DC one of my best friends called me to say he and his family were driving to Greensboro and wanted to visit me.  As I was already outside of Richmond headed north on Interstate 95 and he was just south of North Carolina on Interstate 85 we obviously missed each other but….I had a chance to talk to him and his wonderful wife for a few on the phone.  Isaiah and I have been friends for years and some of you may recall the punishment I took when I met him in Dallas for a football game a couple of years ago.  We encourage each other and support each other and though we live far apart (he in Atlanta and I in Greensboro) we have a brother-like bond.  More valuable than money.

Further on the connections thing..as I was driving south on Interstate 95 on Sunday I was in stop-and-go traffic in Woodbridge, Virginia when I heard a horn blow next to me.  As I looked to my left I saw a childhood friend of mine from New Bern and his wife.  They were in the area for the weekend and were taking an exit ahead in Woodbridge.  Marc and his wife are UNCG Spartans and I even remember the day they met each other at an alumni event at the Blandwood Mansion in downtown Greensboro.  Good folks they are and seeing them was a pleasant surprise and far from a coincidence…

And to hammer home the point on the connections thing…..when I left DC on Sunday I headed to Suffolk, Virginia to visit one of my cousins.  He is a computer whiz and I took him a desktop computer that does not work properly.  He agreed to look at it and contact me when he diagnoses the problem and has recommendations on repairs or replacement.  Regan and I grew up together in New Bern like brothers as he is a month older than me and since he was the only boy in a house with three sisters, he naturally spent a good bit of time hanging out with me and my two younger brothers.  We keep in contact to this day and I am proud of him and his wife (a fellow New Bern High alum) and their four energetic and engaging children.  Regan and I have frequently contacted each other and helped each other out in numerous ways over the years.

The point is no man or woman is an island.  Life is meant to be lived and lived well.  For me, “living well” includes connecting with people and sharing.  Sharing time, talents, resources, and many other things over the years.  I value the many connections I have with family, friends, colleagues, alums, and others and I strive to continue making and strengthening connections.  If I can help somebody I have done my job and the reward(s) will come sometime down the road.  What about you?


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