Georgia Court Calls Baseball Rule a Foul Ball

In Atlanta, a 6-year girl was seriously injured when she was struck by a ball fouled off by a player on the Atlanta Braves team during a May 30, 2010 game.  Her parents sued the Atlanta Braves and the team moved to dismiss the lawsuit.  The Georgia Court of Appeals refused to dismiss the lawsuit and, in so doing, opted against application of the “baseball rule” which shields teams and stadium operators from liability due to injuries to persons who are seated or situated in unprotected areas of the stadium so long as they provide seating behind a screen-protected home plate.  The appellate court affirmed the trial court’s ruling that the “baseball rule” is not the law in Georgia.

Click here for a previous blog post on liability of stadiums and teams for injuries at sporting events in North Carolina.  I am headed to a Washington Nationals game this Saturday evening and I hope you and all others who attend games and events have fun and remain safe.


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