Crank Calls for Cash: Are You Next?

This story is disappointing and also disturbing.  A senior woman in Davidson County has been receiving somewhat anonymous phone calls from persons seeking to collect on a debt.  As usually occurs, the callers fail to provide their names or the name of their company and/or the original creditor.  Instead the callers make threats and engage in shakedown tactics designed to “scare” money out of people.

In this case the woman went to the local Clerk of Court—an unusual thing but perhaps a good idea–and the Clerk called the persons who had been harassing this poor woman.  And the Clerk got stonewalled as well…..go figure.

So if you find yourself in this situation what can you do?  First, when you get a phone call try to get the following information from the caller:  person’s name, name and address of company/agency from which he is calling, name of original creditor, account number, and alleged amount due.  If the person refuses to provide this information or gives you a runaround this is a sign the caller is seeking to scam you.  Think about it:  what legitimate company has any problem providing this information to you if they really expect you to make payment?

If you have received numerous phone calls of a harassing nature and the calls seem to be excessive in number you may have a claim for damages under applicable debt collection laws.  Debt collection is an area of the law that requires a bit of study and attention to detail.  If you have a question or issue regarding debt collection, do not go it alone.  Contact an attorney who specifically handles debt collection cases.


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  1. Susan McWhite

    I’ve gotten these. They tell me they are sending the sheriff to arrest me. I have fun with them and they usually hang up on me. I either pretend I can’t hear them and make them repeat themselves over and over again or I dare them to go ahead and send the sheriff and tell them they don’t have the guts to do it. I’ve also gotten out the Bible and started telling them all about Jesus and explained how lying and cheating is a sin and against the Ten Commandments.

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