Do You Have One Ticket Too Many?

For many the holiday weekend is now over.  For those of you who are still vacationing or otherwise away, consider yourself fortunate.  I hope all of you had good fun, some good food and drink, and took a few moments to remember the true meaning of the Fourth of July.

citation a/k/a ticket Now for those of you who may have had the misfortune to receive a traffic citation during the holiday weekend DO NOT just mail in the payment.  You want to resolve the citation, if possible, in a manner so as to prevent damage to your driver’s license record and your insurance record (points).  If you were to go to court would you know what to do?  What to say?  What to ask for?  To avoid having to figure these things out you should consult with an attorney especially if you received the citation while traveling outside of your home state.

I handle traffic tickets in Guilford County (court in Greensboro and High Point), Forsyth County (court in Winston-Salem), Chatham County (court in Siler City) Rockingham County (court in Wentworth) and Randolph County (court in Asheboro).  Let’s chat if you received a ticket in any of these counties.


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