Car Law A to Z: Z is for Zealous

Any attorney you retain to represent you regarding a vehicle issue (or any legal issue) should be a zealous advocate for your rights. Zealous means to fight vigorously and with active interest. Aggression should not be mistaken for zeal. An attorney can be very loud and demanding and forceful but not know the key facts and factors that will best represent your interests.

I offer my clients honest, fair, and experienced representation as we work toward achieving the goals of the representation. Sometimes those goals and expectations change as the case proceeds and it is important the attorney keeps his or her eyes and ears open to recognize these moments of transition and ultimately advise the client on the possible courses of action.

I maintain a law practice covering multiple areas of the lawContact me if I may be of assistance to you with your legal matter(s).Obviously knowledge is power for you and your attorney so be honest with your attorney, provide all relevant documents, and good luck with your case.


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