Car Law A to Z: X is for Expert

OK, so I fudged a bit on this alphabet selection.  Cases involving motor vehicle repairs and vehicle defects often require the use of experts to testify as to the nature and causes of the vehicle problems and any repairs contemplated, needed, or actually performed. Vehicles are complex creatures and the average person cannot possibly be expected (or allowed, legally) to give explanations and render opinions on their intricacies.

Experts can be used for a plethora of technical and not-so-technical issues. An expert is defined as a person who has a certain level of knowledge, experience, and  expert on the issue(s) in question.  Lawyers often disagree as to whether a person is suitable to serve as an expert and judges are the gatekeepers of determining whether a person can serve as an expert.

You may need to hire an expert to help establish that a defendant rolled back or otherwise altered your vehicle’s odometer. In cases where a vehicle’s value is at issue it may be helpful to retain an expert in vehicle valuation and assessment.  Believe it or not, you may even need an expert to testify about illegalities and improprieties in a vehicle financing/consumer fraud case.

Speaking of experts, in considering your case you should consult an attorney who has some level of experience with vehicle cases. The right expert can make or break your vehicle case.Bottom line: if you have a case involving a vehicle you should consult an attorney to assist you with ferreting out the issues and helping you determine what experts and other resources may be needed to properly investigate and handle your case.


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