I Handle That: Small Claims Court

Sometimes there are legal matters and issues that perplex us and leave us scratching our heads.  When I say “us” I mean everyone—lawyers and non-lawyers.  It is tough enough to figure out how to couch legal arguments without also having to learn to navigate the legal system.  This is when the non-lawyer is at a disadvantage.  Time and time again I have seen a person in court with the facts and substantive law on her side but whom does not know how to frame the case and arguments such that she has the best possible shot at the result she deserves.  And too often the results are not good. 

I do provide representation in Small Claims Court for certain matters.  With the change in North Carolina law last year Small Claims Court, or Magistrate’s Court as it is sometimes called, is for claims where the amount of money does not exceed $10,000.00 (used to be $5,000.00).  This would suggest that the stakes are now higher and more cases may now be properly filed in Small Claims Court.  Obviously one has to perform a cost-benefit analysis as to whether it makes sense to hire a lawyer or go it on one’s own but it is usually a good idea to at least consult with a lawyer before making this decision.

If you are involved in a Small Claims case or are contemplating filing a Small Claims case feel free to contact me to determine if I can help you.  I will await your call but if you decide to handle it pro se, I wish you the best.


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