Car Law A to Z: W is for Warranty

Used in its properly intended and strictest context, a warranty is the guarantee you receive from the manufacturer when you purchase a new vehicle. The warranty provides you with legal rights including the ability to obtain a refund or replacement vehicle if your vehicle turns out to be a lemon. However, the word “warranty” is generically used to describe any promise or assurance made by a seller to a buyer of a consumer product. American law values the right for individuals to engage in contracts so there are federal and state laws that preserve the integrity of warranties while establishing requirements and some restrictions on warranties.

Sometimes a dealer will provide a warranty.  The Buyers Guide sticker (see the picture) should be posted on the vehicle and clearly state if a warranty is being   Get this document!offered by the dealer.  At the time of the purchase the dealer is required to provide the consumer with the Buyers Guide sticker as it represents the official statement of whether the consumer is receiving a warranty at the time of purchase.  Most Bills of Sale a/k/a Buyer’s Orders a/k/a purchase agreements specifically state the Buyers Guide is the written arbiter of the question of “warranty or no warranty?”

Having a warranty is a start but it is no value unless it is honored and you receive all to which you are legal entitled in the event problems arise.  Consumers with warranties often find themselves frustrated with delays, denials, excuses, and other actions which can make them feel as if they have no warranty at all.  If you or someone you know purchased a vehicle and has warranty worries feel free to get together the documents we need and contact me to discuss the situation.


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