Ticket Talk

Summer weather is here and summer arrives on the calendar in a few short weeks.  Americans are already hitting the open road as Memorial Day and Mother’s Day saw plenty of vehicles on the highways and byways.  This weekend is Father’s Day and folks will likely be traveling again.

Whether your travel takes you across country, across state, or just across town, nobody likes to see blue lights behind their vehicle.  The sound of the horn, the flashing of the lights, and what comes afterwards has been known to make the rest of the day/night not as pleasant.  If you find yourself in this situation in North Carolina it is understandable that you may want to just get the matter resolved as soon as possible via paying the ticket (if you are allowed to do so) but DO NOT make that mistake. Do you know the consequences of paying the ticket?  How many points will you receive on your license?  What about points on your insurance?  Can you lose your license?  Are you eligible for a reduction or other negotiated resolution?  Are you 100% sure of the answers to these questions?  If not you would benefit from contacting an experienced traffic attorney.  It is especially important that you seek legal counsel if you receive a traffic citation while driving outside of your home state.

I handle traffic tickets in Guilford (Greensboro and High Point), Forsyth, Randolph, Davidson, and Rockingham counties in North Carolina.  If you receive a ticket in one of these counties let’s talk about your options before you choose how to proceed.  Happy travels and here’s hoping you never need to make that call.


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