Play Ball! And Watch the Ball Too!

It is baseball season in America.  High school baseball is wrapping up or has finished, college baseball is in playoff mode, minor league teams are entertaining people in cities and towns everywhere, and Major League Baseball has just finished 1/3 of the 162-game regular season schedule.  Playing ball is fun and I miss the days when I played Babe Ruth baseball back home in New Bern (my hitting was not the best but my fielding was a bit better and I had decent speed) as well as city league softball here in Greensboro.

Nowadays I attend games as a spectator and have been fortunate enough to go to Nationals Park in DC to see my Nationals on three occasions.   The Watching the ball? Charlotte Knights are playing their first season in a brand new ballpark in downtown (or Uptown as locals call it) Charlotte and I seek to visit the diamond.  I frequent UNCG Spartan baseball games and have been to several softball games as well.  I have at least one cousin whose son is playing baseball (go Jaylen!) and is improving his game.

Regardless of what ballpark or game I visit I try to be remain vigilant of my surroundings especially the ball.  I have been to games where fans have come close to being injured by a stray ball or bat.  If you have ever wondered about legal liability issues related to injuries at sporting events click here for an introduction to the topic.  The key is that every person at the game should be watching the ball and otherwise paying attention for lurking dangers.  Cracked steps, spilled drinks, running children, and are just a few of the potential causes of accidents and injuries at sporting events.

Bottom line:  No need to be paranoid, just be careful.  Grab a family member or a friend or a group and make plans to attend what is often called “America’s pastime.”  Enjoy the game……….Go Nats!  Go Spartans!  Go Jaylen!


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