Sprint: The [Can you Hear Me] Now Network. Loud and Clear!

Looks like someone paid dearly for failing to honor the “do not call” and “do not text” directives of its own customers.  The Federal Communication Commission dropped the hammer on telecommunications giant Sprint to the tune of a fine of $7.5 million.  This is the largest ever fine levied for do-not-call violations.  Yikes!

Unfortunately for Sprint, the do-not-call message came through too loud and too clear.  Read the story hereDo not!

You can register your phone number on the national do-not-call number for free.  Additionally most states have a free do-not-call registry; click here to see if your state has one and how you can register your phone number(s).

There are various laws that protect consumers from overzealous and/or stubborn telemarketers, companies, and the like. You may be entitled to recover money damages which will often get the offender’s attention and cause the unwanted contact to stop. If you receive unwanted phone calls, texts, faxes, or e-mails after completing an opt-out or “do not contact me” request, you should consult an attorney to discuss your situation.



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