Land of the Lost: Unclaimed Money

Looking for money?  You can wait on that tax refund…you can sell some stuff…but what if you had some lost money?  Wouldn’t you want to “find” it?

Each state (and the U.S territories of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands) has an unclaimed property agency (sometimes called an escheat division) where people and businesses can be reunited with their lost money and property.  This money and property comes from a variety of sources such as forgotten rental security deposits, unclaimed wages from former employers, insurance refunds, and much more. To search for the unclaimed property agency in your state, click here.

NOTE:  You should NOT pay to obtain or regain your money or property.  There are some websites and services that propose to charge a fee to assist you in obtaining your money or property but you should bypass them and go straight to the source yourself.  It is usually not a huge undertaking to claim your money and why cut someone in on your found treasure?

Be sure to share this blog post with family, friends, associates, and others.  Happy hunting and I will waive my finder’s fee for providing you with this information.


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