“Being Bad”: The Series that Never Seems to End

The television series “Breaking Bad” created a loyal following and caused much angst when it left the air last year.  It seems even the lead actor had some readjustment issues after the show ceased to exist.  I never saw the show but I understand it featured a high school science teacher who turned rogue and became a notorious drug dealer.  Interesting how a show with this plot line gained so much fandom across the land but that is a discussion for another day.

There is one series that has been going on for years before the AMC television series aired and apparently will run for years to come.  This series can be called “Being Bad” and plays out at vehicle dealerships across the United States.  Note not all dealerships are featured on this show and the action varies from episode to episode.  And rarely is the action televised.

“Being Bad” has disappointing plots such as consumers who are cheated on vehicle repairs, dealers selling crash-damaged vehicles to consumers without disclosing said damage, dealers and lenders wrongfully repossessing vehicles from consumers, dealers misleading consumers as to the terms of important vehicle documents, and even dealers intimidating consumers after the purchase has occurred.  Some of the action is not fit for children and is definitely not fair to adults.

“Being Bad” has open casting calls across the country each time a consumer goes to purchase a vehicle from an unscrupulous vehicle dealer or when a consumer gets paired with a rogue lender.  Here’s hoping you do not become a guest on the show but if you do give me a call and let’s see if we can figure out what we can do about cancelling it for you.

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