Law and Life Blog Turns Two…Thanks to You!

Thank you to all of you who subscribe, read, and otherwise support this Law and Life blog.  The blog turns two years old this month.  It was in May 2012 when I decided to convert my penchant for writing from newsletter format to blog format and it has been a good transition.  The blog format allows me to share the information with more people in more formats and on an easier and more frequent basis.

The blog has covered a wide range of legal topics from personal injury to traffic tickets, wrongful death to debt collection issues, lemon law and used vehicle issues to homeowner and construction issues, and more.  I have received overwhelmingly positive feedback on the content of this blog and I happy to be of service.  I can hope that several people reading this blog have been able to avoid or manage bad situations of law and/or life.

Birthday cake decorated with blue frosting and number two candleI have also shared some life lessons which I hope you have found useful.  Feel free to share the Law and Life blog posts on your social media outlets (see below for the buttons allowing you to share in various formats).

The primary goals of this blog are to educate and inform and, on some occasions, entertain.  Perhaps I have accomplished the right mix of these ingredients.  Thanks once more for your readership and enjoy some cake…..


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