Car Law A to Z: M is for Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act

If you buy a vehicle and the seller gives you a warranty, you have rights.  And you could have more rights than the seller even anticipates.  NOTE:  The warranty must be from the seller and NOT a third party–click here for an explanation of the significant difference.

The Magnuson Moss Warranty Act is a federal law which governs written (sorry, not oral or verbal) warranties provided by sellers of consumer (not commercial; must be personal, family, or household) products.

In a situation where you are the purchaser of the vehicle (or other consumer product) the Act:

  • provides you with the implied warranty of merchantability and implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose;
  • allows you to seek a refund or replacement vehicle after you provide the seller with a reasonable number of attempts to repair your vehicle;
  • allows you to seek reasonable costs of litigation and attorneys’ fees.

If you have a written warranty and a problematic vehicle (or other consumer product) you should contact a consumer lawyer for an assessment of your situation.



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