Take Pride In…

This phrase is so important.  Life keeps us busy and often we feel as if we lack the time for the things we need to do….let alone the things we want to do.  When you do, however, decide how to prioritize the many tasks and things in your life how do you do it?  And what do you take pride in?  This is a clearly personal question and the answers will vary.  One can hope that you take pride in things of substance and true value.  Let me take a stab at this one..

I take pride in my faith.

I take pride in my family and good friends.

I take pride in my career and the work I do representing my clients and helping others.

I take pride in my college alma mater (Go UNCG Spartans!) and law school alma mater (Go Heels!).

To me “taking pride” means striving to be a good steward of the gifts and resources one has been given and using them to make the people and things around one better.  Encouraging others and adding value to relationships are tangible ways of “taking pride.”  More concretely, mentoring and teaching and donating one’s time and talents to the less fortunate are but a few examples.  Surely you can think of many more.

For many people this Easter weekend will involve at least one day off from work.  Some folks view this weekend as another long weekend while others will remember and honor the true meaning of the weekend.  However you choose to spend your weekend take a few moments to consider what you take pride in and how you can add value to your life and the lives of others.  In the end isn’t that what life is really about?


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