What You Don’t Know Can Kill You…Or Cost You Money

I will be brief.  If your vehicle is in a wreck and repairs are performed it may be worth it to have a post-collision repair inspection done.  In choosing a repair shop do not blindly go to a shop or facility that is a “blue ribbon” or “direct repair shop” proffered to you by the insurance company.  Choose a shop that you trust to do quality work and restore your vehicle to a safe pre-crash condition.

Click here for a 6-minute video on one example of collision repairs gone wrong.  Fortunately the consumer did not find out about the repair flaws the hard way—after a crash in which his safety or the safety of his family or passengers was compromised.  And even if the consumer never had another Repairs good?incident during his ownership of the vehicle if he went to trade it in or have it appraised most appraisers would spot the problematic repairs and sink the amount they would offer for the vehicle.  So how does a consumer win?

To arrange a post-collision repair for your vehicle you should contact Collision Safety Consultants or a similar company.  CSC also does diminished value assessments, total loss vehicle assessments, and pre-purchase inspections.  A word on pre-purchase inspections:  buying a vehicle without one is a true gamble.  Do you feel lucky?  If you have narrowed your search to a specific vehicle spend the money for an inspection to determine if the vehicle is worth your money.  Read here for other tips on shopping for a used vehicle.

At the end of the day take the appropriate steps to protect you, your family, and your money.  Be safe and smart out there.


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