March Madness: My Bracket

As I stated in a post yesterday, I completed a bracket sheet for March Madness.  For those of you who are interested click below to view my bracket.  I did not enter the $1 billion bracket contest so all of you who did still have a chance to win….you can thank me later.  Feel free to compare your bracket to mine and see how it all progresses on the hardwood.  And since today is Day 2 of the festivities I can imagine some of you will read this post while watching a game or following your bracket.

My bracket is one in a small pool that is being played for mere bragging rights.  No money or prizes on the line.  I am no college hoops guru.  I am far too busy to know all the ins and outs but I like picking the games.  Right now my sports mind is focused on keeping up with free agency in the NFL, learning my Washington Nationals before opening day, and following my New York Rangers as they try to remain in the NHL playoff race.

Recently I read an interesting article on legal issues arising out of wagering on March Madness.  The best policy is to do it for the fun; especially when the workplace is involved.

I leave you in peace and with wishes for a great weekend whether you are plugged into hoops or doing spring cleaning or enjoying the warmer weather.  Take care and we will chat again soon.  Go Heels!



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