Car Law from A to Z: A is for “As-Is”

You have likely seen the window sticker (called a Buyer’s Guide) in a vehicle that allows the vehicle dealer to sell the vehicle with or without warranty.  Without warranty means “as-is”. Too many people call my office having had verbal promises of future repairs (“if anything goes wrong we will handle it, don’t worry”) with the dealer prior to doing the purchase transaction paperwork but the paperwork reflects the vehicle was sold “as-is”.  Bad.  Really bad for the consumer.

Be sure to get any dealer/seller promises in writing and if the dealer makes promises to repair the vehicle or otherwise be responsible for future problems do not sign documents indicating the purchase transaction was “as-is.”  If the dealer is not willing to put it’s promises in writing that should raise a red flag for you the consumer.

One important note, however, that is helpful to consumers:  an “as-is” disclaimer does not prevent claims for violations of odometer statutes, fraud claims, unfair and deceptive acts claims, or a claim for breach of warranty.

For more resources and information on protecting yourself when entering into a vehicle transaction see the resources at the bottom of this blog post.  If you need further or specific assistance contact me at your convenience for a free initial consultation.


Vehicle Buyer’s Toolbox



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Buying a Used Car (information from the Federal Trade Commission; includes link to information in Spanish)

Buying a New Car (information from the Federal Trade Commission; includes link to information in Spanish)

How to Buy A Car (a wealth of information and resources on purchasing a vehicle; includes link to information in Spanish)

Protect Yourself from Auto Fraud (Tips to keep you from being ripped off)

Price that vehicle!

Know Your Rights!

Car Law: A to Z (Common terms and concepts associated with vehicles and vehicle law issues; a must read item and a great reference guide!)

Legal claims and remedies regarding issues with your vehicle (summarizes potential legal claims, requirements, damages, and other aspects of the law as relate to vehicles)

Car Law: Claims and Remedies (legal education paper) freeway

Your legal rights regarding your vehicle (Information on what to do in case of an accident, odometer fraud, failure to disclose vehicle damage, lemon law, used vehicle issues and tips for buying a used vehicle, guide to vehicle insurance coverage, and motor vehicle repair issues)

North Carolina Lemon Law Act (link to the North Carolina statute that protects you upon your purchase of a new vehicle)

North Carolina Vehicle Mileage Act (link to the North Carolina statute that protects you from odometer fraud)

Vehicle Repairs

North Carolina Motor Vehicle Repair Act (link to the North Carolina statute that protects you regarding repairs to your vehicle)

Preventing Ripoffs in Vehicle Repair and Maintenance (From


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