Dealing With Jerks: Can You Do It? Should You Do It?

Sustaining a personal injury can be a trying experience, to say the least.  Add in trying to figure out what to do, who to contact, and how to navigate the waters to get what you are entitled to and the anxiety can increase substantially.  The icing on the proverbial cake could be having to deal with the jerks when handling your claim.  When I speak of “jerks” I am referring to:

  • The law enforcement officer who makes mistakes–“to err is human”—in reporting critical case facts but refuses to concede such or make hte necessary corrections.
  • The insurance claims adjuster who is rude, short, and insulting.  The jerk adjuster devalues your experience as well as your claim for compensation.  You can never seem to get it right and there is always something being held against you.  Further you may even get misinformation as to essential facts.
  • The body shop that performs shoddy work and strings you along as to whether they will remedy the situation.  All you want is your vehicle fixed and returned to your possession so you have (your own) transportation again.  The jerk body shop may even team up with a jerk insurance vehicle damage adjuster to understate the damage to your vehicle in an effort to keep the vehicle from being deemed a total loss.

If you are facing any of these jerks or any other irritating features of a personal injury case it is time for you to seek help from an experienced personal injury attorney.  Do not try to soldier on unassisted unless you have consulted with an attorney and made an informed decision that you will handle the claim yourself.


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