Postscript: No Criminal Charges in High Point Dog Attack Case

As a follow up to my recent blog post about the tragic dog attack in High Point that left a 3-year old girl dead, the Guilford County District Attorney’s Office has decided that no criminal charges will be filed against the owners of the dog.  The pit bull terrier has been euthanized.  It appears the key factor in the decision not to prosecute the dog’s owners was the lack of evidence of any aggressiveness by the dog toward human beings prior to the February 24th incident which occurred at the family’s home.

As I stated in my discussion of the civil law in North Carolina as relates to animal attacks the issue of foreseeability (i.e. has the animal acted aggressively previously) looms large.  There were no winners in this situation and unfortunately a young life has been lost.  I hope the incident and my meager blog posts about it serve as a warning to at least one animal owner to take responsibility for the animal so as to protect the lives of those in the animal’s midst.


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