Getting Help for Your Multi-Vehicle, Multi-Collision Mess

With the return of winter weather across North Carolina there have been more traffic accidents than usual.  Slick roads, poor visibility, and other factors lead to crashes and injuries and, in some unfortunate circumstances, death.  When snow, sleet, freezing rain, and ice are present there is the increased risk for vehicle pileups and other collisions involving multiple vehicles.  Often deciding who is at fault and who pays whom for what can be complicated.

If you find yourself in this situation your best move is to consult an attorney.  Most attorneys provide free consultations for accident cases and often the vehicle collisioninformation you receive can save you time and headaches down the road.   Several years ago I represented a young man who was involved in two vehicle collisions which occurred less than 15 minutes apart.  You can imagine the finger-pointing and posturing that occurred in that situation.  Fortunately my client was not at fault in either collision and was able to recover compensation for his serious injuries.

Note that contributory negligence (which serves to prevent recovery of damages by a person who is deemed partially at fault for the accident/incident) looms large in North Carolina so before you discuss your accident or injuries with any insurance company you should consult an attorney to review your situation.  I have handled personal injury and wrongful death cases for over 15 years.  Click here for some key frequently asked questions about personal injury claims and note I stand ready to help you with your case if the circumstances warrant such.  Contact me for a free consultation and, please, be careful out there…..


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