Vehicular Irregular(ities)

Rarely does a day go by that I do not get a call or e-mail or other inquiry about a problem with a vehicle.  North Carolina consumers work hard and seek affordable, reliable transportation and while many of them get their wish there are far too many who do not.  And, even worse, in some cases the sellers of the vehicles to the consumers know they are not selling affordable, reliable transportation.  The inquiries I receive from potential consumers typically fall into one (or more) of three categories:

1.  The contract terms and money are funny but I’m not laughing!

Violation of financing, lending, and credit laws

Wrongful repossession

Spot Delivery a/k/a Yo-Yo Financing a/k/a Conditional Delivery

2.  There’s something wrong with my vehicle!

Lemon law (in North Carolina only applies to NEW vehicles)

Used vehicle defects

Warranty issues and vehicle service contract coverage

3.  The seller lied to me about this vehicle!

Failure to disclose salvage, flood, or reconstructed vehicle

Undisclosed damage

Failure to deliver title (typically due to a problem with seller acquiring the title)

Odometer rollback or discrepancy

Auto dealer fraud

I try to provide a plethora of information and resources for consumers who are in the market for a vehicle with the goal of preventing good people from getting into bad deals and/or acquiring bad vehicles.  Too often, however, consumers who contact me have made a critical mistake such as purchasing a vehicle “as-is” without doing any pre-purchase due diligence (ex:  AutoCheck, CarFax, vehicle inspection by independent mechanic) or signing documents without reading and understanding what they signed.  Do not let this happen to you.  Take the initiative to educate yourself and make smart choices when spending your hard-earned money.  But if you are in need of a consultation contact me at your convenience.  Best wishes to you on your next vehicle transaction.


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