Update: Vehicle Dealer Pleads Guilty But Can Consumer Get Help?

This is an update on the recent post about the Davidson County used vehicle dealer who sold a salvage vehicle to a High Point woman.  The dealer was charged with a criminal misdemeanor and in court on Tuesday pleaded guilty.  He said it was a “honest mistake” but his mistake resulted in a profit for him and a loss for the consumer.

In the end the dealer pays the court costs and escapes having a conviction on his record since it sounds as if he received a prayer for judgment continued a/k/a PJC.  Sweet deal for him but what about the consumer?  Can she get some help?  Will the dealer do the right thing and settle up with the consumer?  Hmm…..one can only hope so.

Given the facts in this matter it sounds like a review of a CarFax or Autocheck report would have saved this consumer from unknowingly buying a salvage vehicle.  Or a proper disclosure by the dealer……Be sure to do your homework before buying any used vehicle.


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