Salvaging a Bad Situation with a Salvage Vehicle: True Story

Another example of a used vehicle dealer taking advantage of a consumer.  Older woman unknowingly purchased a salvage vehicle and dealer made more profit than he should.  When the woman notified the dealer that the vehicle would not run and sought a refund of her money the dealer refused.  Dealer stood—mistakenly—on his sale of the vehicle “as is”.  And dealer thought this was the end of story….wrong.

Unfortunately for the dealer selling the vehicle “as is” with no warranty does not take him off the proverbial hook.  The vehicle had a salvage Certificate of Title when the dealer acquired it and the dealer was required to inform the woman (or anyone else who would have purchased the vehicle) in writing of the vehicle’s salvage condition.  But he failed to do that.  And now the dealer is in hot water with the local NC DMV as a criminal charge has been filed against him.

The dealer could face additional headaches as it sounds like the woman has a good civil case against the dealership and possibly even the dealership’s surety.  I for one hope the woman pushes this to the maximum extent of the law.

Read the story here.  And before you purchase a used vehicle click here to read how you can do your due diligence and protect yourself from being scammed.  If you feel you have been the victim of auto dealer fraud contact me for a free consultation.


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