Spartans Win! Heels Win! Dook Loses..Twice!

Most of you know I am a UNCG Spartan for life and an ardent supporter of Spartan students and athletics.  Also note that as a Tar Heel grad (UNC Law ’96) I pull for the Heels as long as it does not conflict with the success of my Spartans.  Now that all this background is out the way let’s just say this week has been a pretty good week for me.  Allow me to explain:

On Tuesday my Spartans came back in dramatic fashion to beat the Duke Blue Devils, 9-8, on the baseball diamond at UNCG.  The game was a five-hour affair and a great way to open the season.

And on Thursday my Heels came back in the second half at home to stymie the Devils on the hardwood, 74-66.  The young Tar Heels struggled to find the basket in the first half but showed much poise in the final 20 minutes including sinking key free throws to down their rivals from Durham.

For my dook (er….Duke) friends it’s all in fun.  The better shade of blue won the basketball game tonight and the two meet again in less than a month over in Durham.  I am sure Coach K and crew will be ready and it will be another epic battle.  But Tar Heel fans enjoy the victory until then.

Thanks for tuning into a “Life” post on the Law and Life Blog.  I will be back with a “Law” post soon enough…..until then best wishes to you all and Go Spartans!  Go Heels!


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  1. scott shelton

    cant wait to talk to jane carter & steve summner goooo heelsssss wooooo little woriered but had faith three point shot would”nt stick the hole game new heels could pull it out.

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