A Live One!

This story comes from the “News of the Weird” file.  A St. Louis woman has filed a lawsuit in federal court against the mammoth credit reporting agency Equifax and her local bank in an effort to prove that she is not dead.  Allow me to repeat…..a live woman is suing to prove she is alive.  What the what?

The woman had gone to her local bank, Heartland Bank, and completed paperwork to be an authorized user on her parents’ joint checking account.  Somewhere along the way Heartland determined the woman was dead and reported her death to Equifax.  When the woman notified the bank of the error (and she was alive at this point; make no mistake about it) she trusted the bank to fix it’s mistake.  Unfortunately, the bank failed to fix the mistake and, even worse, Equifax failed to correct its own records despite clear evidence the woman was alive.  As a result of this fiasco the woman claims she is paying higher monthly mortgage amounts and has missed out on several credit opportunities.  Click here to read the lawsuit which contains claims for multiple violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.  The woman and her counsel seek punitive damages as well as attorney’s fees.  This case bears watching.

As you can see from this woman’s unfortunate example, sometimes trying to prove the obvious on one’s own does not work out too well.  If you have an issue with an incorrect reference, account, or other information on your credit report you should contact an experienced consumer law attorney.


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