Can’t Avoid Car Damage in the Snow? Be Sure to Dodge the Snow Job on Repairs

Snow is in the forecast.  Big snow is in the forecast.  Also in the forecast is ice and slick precipitation.  All this means that places will be closed, roads may be treacherous, and accidents will happen.  If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident and your vehicle sustains damage you may need to seek out a repair shop.  In North Carolina we have a Motor Vehicle Repair Act which addresses some of the common issues that may arise when a vehicle needs an estimate or repair.  Before you send your vehicle to a repair shop or similar facility read the Act and know your rights.  These rights include:

  • Right to a written estimate when repairs will exceed $350.00
  • Right to retain the parts removed from your vehicle  repair time
  • Right to receive a written invoice for repairs and services performed

The Act also contains a list of prohibited acts and practices by vehicle repair facilities.  One consumer-friendly feature of the Act is the possibility of recovering attorney’s fees.  As with any Act or statute there are exceptions and additional details so have a thorough understanding of whether and how the Act may apply to your situation.

For most people their vehicle is their most valuable (in terms of economic value) asset after their home so it pays to know the rules.  Not all repair facilities are seeking to take advantage of consumers and many do a good job at a fair price.  If you have questions or concerns about a motor vehicle repair issue you should contact an experienced consumer law attorney sooner rather than later.    Here’s hoping you make it through the storm with no need to refer back to this blog post.


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