Hurt? Get Help…Get Good Help!

I have practiced law in North Carolina since 1996.  I have handled hundreds of personal injury cases from minor fender-benders to catastrophic wrecks in which, unfortunately, people were killed.  Each case must be assessed on it’s own merits and it takes an experienced and skilled attorney to properly handle a personal injury case.  As is the case with so many things in the law the devil is in the details.  Consider these questions that often arise during personal injury cases:

  • Should I contact my insurance company?  If so, what should I do and what should I be seeking?  Attorney help!
  • How long do I have to notify the insurance company about my injury?
  • Should I settle my case at this point?  How does a scheduled release work and is it for me?
  • How should I handle the insurance company’s low offer to settle my case?
  • My vehicle was damaged in the wreck and the insurance company wants to “total” it….is there any way I can keep my vehicle?  What happens to me if the insurance company pays off the loan balance on my vehicle but I cannot obtain another vehicle?
  • Can you make the doctors’ offices stop sending me medical bills?  I filed the bills with my insurance company…
  • Should I sign the authorization forms sent to me by the insurance company?
  • How much is my case worth?
  • Do I have to pay Medicare out of my settlement?
  • Who can have a lien against my case?  What is a lien?

If you open the phone book or browse the Internet you will see many attorneys advertising that they handle personal injury cases.  To find the right attorney for you be sure you consider the attorney’s experience, background, and fit for you.  In the end it is all about you getting the help you need to carry you through what can be a trying time.  While you can research and read some information on personal injury cases it is best to take the extra step and get good help for your personal injury case.


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