Buildup to Your Big “Game”

Super Bowl XLVIII (a/k/a 48) is this Sunday evening.  Already there have been (and will continue to be) a bevy of stories, tidbits, factoids, and other coverage of practically every angle of the game, the teams, and the players.  By the time the game kicks off most football fans will be breathe a sigh of relief as the focus shifts on which team will hoist the Lombardi Trophy at the end of what looks to be a competitive game.

The buildup to the Super Bowl is immense and if you are like me you may tap out for a few days and rejoin sports coverage closer to kickoff.  I have work to do, clients to service, potential clients to contact, etc.  In some ways the Super Bowl buildup reminds me of the buildup to a trial—clearly not a game.  When one of my clients faces a trial it can be an anxious time.  Obviously I have work to do in preparing witnesses, exhibits, pretrial motions, and other necessary details so we can put on as effective a presentation as reasonably possible.  However the client must also prepare to testify at trial and reconcile the pros and cons of proceeding to trial.  The end goal is to obtain a favorable outcome for the client.  Given the work and details associated with a trial it often baffles me as to how and why some persons try to do it themselves.  Unfortunately many times the pro se approach leads to bad results.

When you have an important legal matter at hand you should give careful thought as to whether you may benefit from having legal representation.  If your answer is “yes”, “maybe”, or “I really don’t know” you should contact an attorney for a consultation.  If you need a consultation on a civil matter or local traffic ticket contact me at your convenience.

P.S.  I can’t wait for this year’s Super Bowl.  Although my six-time champion Pittsburgh Steelers are not playing in the big game I am excited to see the battle between Denver and Seattle.  As to which team I am rooting for, here’s a hint:  it’s the team with a starting quarterback who played college football and college baseball in North Carolina.  Feel free to hit “Reply” and state which team you will be rooting for. Enjoy the game!


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  1. Valik K.

    Mr Oneal, great blog and thank you for the time you take to keep us up to date with legal news. I was wondering if you represent traffic tickets in the charlotte / monroe area and what it might cost me to have you representing me in court. The offense was for reckless driving this past wednesday When we got snowed in. Any advice will be much appreciated. Thank you.

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