A Good Deal that Was Not-so-Good: Car Buying Gone Wrong

“If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is…”  Heard that one before?  Too often it is true.  Nowadays scammers, cheats, crooks, and other incorrigibles are looking to part people from their hard-earned money and there are a myriad of schemes to get it done.  The Internet seems to be a weapon of choice and one unfortunate consumer lost her money due to an online vehicle listing that should have set off warning bells, red flags, and a bunch of smoke alarms.  The clincher:  the seller asked the consumer to use Western Union to forward the purchase funds but eBay does not use Western Union.  Yikes!

This sad story reminds us to do our homework when shopping for a vehicle and making the purchase.  Since the consumer in this case was dealing with an individual it is very possible that she may never recover her money.  To prevent losing your money or otherwise being taken advantage of visit the O’Neal Law Office Free Information Center for tips on the car buying process and dealing with sellers.  If you have been scammed or defrauded in a vehicle transaction contact the O’Neal Law Office for a consultation to determine what options you may have to address the situation.


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