Seasons Greetings! See You in 2014

As Christmas approaches and the New Year holiday just a week later I am taking some time away from work to reflect, relax, renew, and recharge.  I encourage you to do the same.  My next post will be in January 2014 but until then here are some previous posts that may be of interest to you during this holiday season:

Lessons for the Holidays and Beyond

How to Handle that Traffic Ticket You Receive During the Holidays

A Consumer’s Guide to Surviving the Holidays Season's Greetings!

Boxed Set of Tips and Resources for Holiday Vehicle Shoppers

Caution for Consumers Making Purchases During the Holidays

I invite you to read these and any other posts during the coming days.  May they save you time, money, and frustration.  Take some time to browse the Law and Life Blog and read the content that can improve your life.  While you are at it be sure to reacquaint yourself with my areas of practice so I can be of service if the need should arise.

Thank you immensely to each of you who have supported me throughout my life and career.  My best regards to you and yours during the holiday season and Happy New Year in advance.   See you in 2014.


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