The Personal Touch for the Holidays

Christmas is almost here and New Year’s is not too far behind.  As these and other holidays, holy days, and special days approach it gives us time to reflect on the people and things that are most important.  Life keeps us busy and even if you do not observe holidays the one apparent common denominator is that most people have some vacation time or time away from work during the December 24th thru January 1st time frame.  So since it can be a bit easier to contact the people you love how should you go about doing it?

Cards and gifts can be a nice touch but the best touch is the personal touch.  Taking time to visit with family and friends can make memories to last a lifetime.  If you cannot make it there in person pick up the phone and place a call.  Hearing the voice and carrying on conversation seems to be less common nowadays as we often opt for digital communication (Facebook, texting, e-mail, etc.).  Note, however, that some family and friends communicate via social media and that may be the right fit.  You know your folks and what works best with each one.

My family is spread far and wide and unfortunately I will be unable to connect with all of them during the holiday period but….I plan to reach out to many as I reasonably can.  Some I will see, some I will call, some I will text, others I will Facebook, etc.  This holiday season break from the contemporary norm and call on your family and friends, in person or via telephone.  May you and yours have a joyful and safe holiday season and keep making those memories…..


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