NFL Final: Consumers 12, Car Dealer 0

In the “you should have asked somebody” department, a Washington state car dealer cost himself over $400,000.00 when he promised 12 lucky customers a free vehicle if the Seattle Seahawks shut out the New York Giants.  Click here for the story.  Despite four quarters of football the Giants could not muster any points and lost to the Seahawks, 23-0.

For purposes of full disclosure I am a Pittsburgh Steeler fan but I really like Seattle Seahawks and their coach Pete Carroll.  Heading into yesterday’s game in New Jersey against the Giants the Seahawks were 11-2 and had given up the fewest points of any NFL team this season.  The car dealer apparently had not been following the NFL closely enough and though a shutout in the NFL is hard to do the Seahawks have the defense to get the job done.  And yesterday they did just that.

Congratulations to those 12 customers.  And I sure hope the dealer does not resort to any slippery tricks or illegal tactics in dealing with consumers to make up for the freebies he just gave away.  Washington state has a lemon law statute and other laws designed to protect consumers who seek to purchase or lease vehicles.  For information on consumer laws and remedies protecting North Carolina consumers engaging in vehicle transactions click here.



  1. Keshia Williams

    Love love love this story…. Hope the car dealer follows through so he will not end up in court!!!!

    • Thanks Kesh….I too hope the dealer does the right thing. If not this story will continue…..all the best to you and yours. Many thanks for all your support over the years.

  2. Jeff A.

    lol…I guess the 12 lucky winners would have had to pay something into it for the dealership to claim illegal enforcement of gambling poole in defense of a breach of contract claim, eh?…that is what I would be researching if I were the dealer. Of course, if I was the dealer, I would have done the research in advance.

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