Making the List: What Say You? Suggestions Requested..

As another year draws to a close I want to again thank each of you who has supported me as an attorney and as a person.  I love my family and look forward to spending more time with them so the holidays truly helps in that regard.  Long before I went to law school, studied for the Bar exam, passed the Bar, got sworn in, handled my first jury trial, and met several milestones in my legal career my family was there.  And they are still there and for that I am quite grateful.

I thoroughly enjoy creating the posts and other content you see on this Law and Life blog.  My schedule can be quite busy at times and it can be challenging finding time to post and share but I try to get it done.  A primary goal of my blog is to provide ongoing information and resources to educate and sometimes entertain those who visit.  As you can tell I try to cover a variety of different areas and topics but I acknowledge I may still be missing some of the things in which my readers may be interested.

Moving into 2014 I would like to hear from you as to some of the legal topics or issues you may want to see discussed on this blog.  To refresh your memory here are my areas of focus:

Personal Injury

Consumer Law

Civil Cases

Traffic Tickets

Your ideas and suggestions need not be limited to these categories but realize the categories represent the areas with which I have more knowledge and experience.  Complete the following form with your suggestion(s):

I will review your suggestions and try to implement them in the weeks and months ahead.  Your input is important to me and I thank you for it in advance.

Thank you again and I wish you a happy and safe holiday season.  I hope you find the time to spend with family and good friends.  Remember the reason for the season……


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