The Better Appeal for Unemployment Benefits

Unemployment benefits can be a lifeline for many people as they search for another job.  Losing one’s job can be traumatic and the timing of the event can be even more damaging.  Unemployment benefits are necessarily less than one’s regular wages and they come with a weekly obligation to search for jobs and do certain reporting.

You've been briefed!Over the years I have spoken with persons who effectively robbed themselves of receiving some or all of their benefits because they were not represented during the unemployment appeal and hearing process.  Employers typically consult their attorneys and, in some cases, may even be represented by an attorney at the initial appeal hearing.  The initial appeal hearing—which in North Carolina is now done via telephone or in-person–is a critical moment in the life span of an unemployment claim.  Failing to properly prepare and present one’s case at this hearing can be the death knell of a good case.

If your application for unemployment benefits is denied and you wish to contest the denial DO NOT trudge forward on your own.  Contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible as there are deadlines for seeking a hearing and otherwise taking action.  For a free consultation about your unemployment appeal options contact me at your earliest convenience.



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