Relieving (not Reliving) the Holiday Headache of a Traffic Ticket

Thanksgiving holiday has come and gone and I hope you had a good one.  For those of you— like me—who covered at several hundred miles on the highway, you may be glad to be back home and getting geared up for the push toward the end of the year.  During the holiday weekend ome of you may have received an unfortunate visit from local law enforcement—the dreaded blue light special and I don’t mean K-Mart (do they even have that any more?)

Traffic tickets are never fun and we often just want them to go away…quickly.  This, however, should NOT mean you just pay the ticket.  NEVER just pay a traffic ticket unless you are fully aware of the consequences for your driver’s license, driver’s license record and points, and insurance points.  This is especially true when you receive a ticket outside of your home state.

While I am licensed to practice in all 100 of North Carolina’s counties typically I handle traffic tickets in the following counties:  Guilford, Forsyth, Randolph, Chatham, and Rockingham.  If you have a traffic ticket in another nearby county contact me to see if I can help you or make an appropriate referral.

If you receive a citation for speeding, safe movement violation (with or without an accident), no operator’s license, license not in possession, driving while license revoked, expired/invalid vehicle inspection, expired/invalid vehicle registration, texting-while-driving, or any other traffic offense contact me to discuss your case and your options.  I offer reasonable fees and zealous representation.  The call is free but the information you receive could be priceless.


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