Goal-Setting and Goal-Getting

I am in my 17th continuous year of practice as a proudly licensed attorney in North Carolina.  It is hard to believe I have been out of law school that long.  Not that I want to go back to the days of heavy, endless reading and do-or-die final exams, or even the relative drudgery of spending my first summer after law school preparing for the two-day North Carolina Bar Exam.  All those things had their place but they are long since passed away and now my life is one of speaking with potential clients, representing current clients, keeping abreast of developments in the law, teaching and mentoring colleagues, giving my time and talents to the community, and the many other things a professional must do to be a professional.

As I look back for just a moment I am excited to note that a member of my family is currently taking the law school plunge.  The daughter of one of my first cousins (love you and miss you Darlene!) is currently a first-year law student at North Carolina Central University School of Law.  Mariah has been quite busy, as you can imagine, and we have spoken briefly since she began classes in August.  She actually states she enjoys the intellectual exercise of law school and is acquiring her own sense of familarity with the substance and process that is essential to the first year of law school. 

I am immensely proud of Mariah not necessarily because she is in law school (though I am quite enthused by her choice, to say the least) but because of the perserverance and poise she has exhibited through several challenging moments in her life.  She is not one to complain or constantly seek assistance so when she asked me to chat with her about law school and assist her in making the transition from college to law school I was only so proud to do so.  I take no credit for her accomplishments as she is quite the scholar and gentlewoman.  Mariah is but one of my many amazing cousins and other family members who really provide inspiration and purpose for much of what I do.  I love my family and I gain strength and pride from the talents and lessons they share in word and deed.  

The point of this post is to realize that you can achieve your goals if you set a plan, adjust your mental focus, and seek the right resources to aid you on your journey.  Sometimes seeking the right resources means reaching out to people while other times it means taking the time to find books, articles, and materials to provide the content you need.  As we enter the busy holiday season be sure to set aside time to think about some of your goals in life and how you can reach them.  And also consider who in your midst you can assist and encourage to meet their own goals. 

Best of the best to you on your journey.  Be encouraged…….thanks for inspiring me, Mariah!


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