Freebies and Discounts for Veterans: Thank You for Your Service

Monday, November 11th is Veterans’ Day in the United States.  It is meant to be an opportunity to remember and recognize the many sacrifices our veterans have made.  As the son of a Korean War veteran and with several other veterans in my family I am quite thankful for their service.  Undoubtedly there will be people and companies who seek to profiteer at the expense of veterans or overcommercialize the Veterans’ Day holiday—shame on them.  There will be many, however, who will be providing free or discounted products, goods, and services for veterans and their families. 

Click here, here, and here for restaurant discounts.  Click here for retail and entertainment discounts.  Discounts will be offered on park admissions and lodging including bed and breakfasts  as well as many other things.  On Monday veterans who will be traveling can receive free lunch at Sheetz convenience stores (Click here to find a location near you).

On the information and resources front click here for free content from the O’Neal Law Office designed to educate and protect veterans and their families.  The O’Neal Law Office offers free consultations on legal matters; click here to contact me to schedule your consultation.  Once again, to each and every veteran I thank you  immensely for your sacrifice and your service.  Your country is indebted to you.


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