Flying Hot Dogs and Food for Thought on Fan Safety

Sports are great fun to play and can be even more fun to watch.  (Preferably you take the time to do both:  play and watch).  Errant balls and pucks and other objects leaving the playing field can cause injury and these are things most people look out for while at the game.  But flying hot dogs?  Click here to learn about a case that could further expand liability of owners and operators of sporting venues for injuries occurring at sporting events.

While I have your attention allow me to share a few tips for safety at sporting events:

  • Be careful at the stadium especially when the game is in progress.  Heed the warnings of ushers, stadium staff, and other event managers.
  • Limit (or eliminate) your consumption of alcohol.  It can impair your judgment and ability to react and protect yourself.
  • Wear shoes with solid tread so you have good traction…and comfort helps too as you may have quite a bit of walking to do.
  • Alert event or venue officials if you see or hear something suspicious or unsafe.
  • Make a mental note of emergency exits and escape routes in the event you need to use them.
  • If you or others in your group will be drinking, be sure to have a designated driver.  If you go it alone call a cab or other means of transportation if you have a few too many.  The
    safest thing is not to drink and drive.
  • Save all receipts from gameday purchases and expenditures especially for food and drink.  If you become ill from consuming food or drink at the game you will have proof of purchase.
  • Do not flash your cash or otherwise needlessly display your valuables.  Muggers and thrives can be present and your carelessness could be an invitation for crime.
  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times.  Plan your trip/route to and from the sporting venue.  If you have never been be sure to use a GPS or mapping tools to devise a safe trip to and from the game.

If you do sustain an injury or illness from attending a sporting event or similar activity do not try to handle your situation on your own.  You should consult with an experienced personal injury attorney about your options and how best to proceed.

No need to be paranoid.  Just employ some precaution and common sense.  Enjoy the game!  Go team!





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