Weekend Thoughts and Birthday Wishes

As we move toward another weekend, here’s hoping you manage to get in some down time and do some things you enjoy.  I love what I do for a living and the opportunities I have been given to help people.  I too need some time away to do some other things as I find many of these non-work activities also provide me with a sense of purpose and fulfillment.  This weekend I am looking forward to a celebration of my mother’s birthday.  On Sunday she has another birthday and I do not take this lightly.  My two younger brothers and I shall take time to honor her and let her know how thankful we are for her and all she has done and continues to do for us.

My mom is a strong, silent woman who is much more into action than words.  She is the behind-the-scenes type who will do the work and shun the glory and fanfare.  This must be where I derive this personal attribute.  Mom also used to tell us, directly and indirectly, you don’t have to always talk to get your point across.  Just be prepared, know what needs to be done, and get it done in a humble manner….people will take notice.  I try to apply this principle to my approach to representing my clients.  When consulting with my clients and developing a strategy it is important to me that the client be fully vested in the case and remain empowered to stay the course.  “Staying the course” will look different in each case and sometimes it means a change in strategy.  While this may appear to be a contradiction I do not see it as such.  If you view “staying the course” as a synonym for dedication to achieving the best result under the circumstances it should make perfect sense.  My motto of “personal attention, professional results” is not just a catchy phrase; they are words I work to implement each day with each client.

I also try to apply the lessons learned from my mom when participating in professional and volunteer activities.  Sometimes I have a role that confers a title and may even require leadership of the group but even if I am serving in a non-leadership position I always strive to do my part and encourage others along the way.  Currently I have the privilege to co-chair the Neo-Black Society Alumni Reunion that is being held at my college alma mater, UNCG, during Homecoming weekend (October 25th thru 27th).  [REMINDER TO ALL UNCG ALUMS:  please register for the Reunion and spread the word to all your Spartan friends.]  I have been working with some amazingly talented and dedicated staff, alumni, and students to put together what should be a historic event  for UNCG.  Another example of my working to apply my mom’s teaching of humbly doing what needs to be done is my long-standing, multi-faceted involvement with the North Carolina Advocates for Justice.  I would hope each of you can point to multiple examples of giving your time and talents for a cause greater than yourself.

In closing, I wish each of you a safe and happy weekend.  Reflect on the musings in this blog post then make time to share with those you love and do some things you love to do.  And thanks mom for all your love and support.  Happy birthday!


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