Am I Clear? Yet Another Attempt to Save a Consumer

I am not sure how much clearer I can make it…..but I will try….


  • Do not believe your North Carolina used vehicle purchase is covered under lemon law (It is NOT!  No lemon law statute for used vehicles in North Carolina…or in most states across the US)
  • Do not buy a used vehicle if the dealer will not allow a test drive
  • Do not buy a used vehicle if the dealer refuses to either (1) allow you to have it reviewed by your own mechanic OR (2) provide you with written statements of the condition of various components and systems of the vehicle
  • Do not buy a used vehicle from an individual without seeing the Certificate of Title that bears that individual’s name
  • Do not be fooled into thinking that an “extended warranty” or “vehicle service contract” is the same as a warranty from the seller…..big difference!
  • Do not rely on verbal promises or statements about the vehicle’s condition or repairs and modifications to be made; get them in writing if possible…
  • Do not buy a vehicle via the Internet without seeing the vehicle in person, driving the vehicle, and verifying the seller has a Certificate of Title (if you cannot do all of these things have someone you trust do so for you)
  • Do not purchase a used vehicle relying solely upon a Autocheck or CarFax report provided to you by the dealer/seller
  • Do not speed-read or otherwise gloss over the documents to be reviewed and signed when you are transacting the purchase of the vehicle
  • Do not leave the dealership without getting the original or a copy of the Buyers Guide window sticker [which typically is required to be in the vehicle]

DO visit the O’Neal Law Office Free Information Center for resources and tips on shopping for a used vehicle and how to handle other legal matters that may occur in your life.  Feel free to forward this post to any family, friends, or others you believe may be in need of some guidance.  But be sure to review the post yourself and file it in your mental Rolodex.  The headache you save just might be your own…..


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