For Consumers the First Defense Should Be Self-Defense

Buyer beware.  We hear it over and over and over again from multiple sources.  It is always good advice.  While there may be laws and government agencies and organizations and lawyers available to help when things go wrong the first line of defense against being victimized is to be our own consumer watchdog when purchasing vehicles, contemplating and making financial and investment transactions, handling debt collectors, reviewing warranties, etc.

Currently the federal government is in “shutdown mode” with many agencies either closed or working with limited staff.  The Federal Trade Commission.  And now there is word that state agencies and entities across the country are beginning to feel the pinch.  Where does that leave the consumer who may be relying on government help and information?

Do not rely on help and assistance after-the-transaction.  Get the resources and information you need and do your due diligence before making a move.  For information on consumer issues and other legal matters visit the O’Neal Law Office Free Information Center at

So do your homework before you buy or sign on that dotted line.  Here’s hoping Congress can reach a compromise and this federal government shutdown ends soon.  Best of the best to each of you.



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