New North Carolina Laws: Do They Affect You?

October 1, 2013 saw the inception of over 50 new laws in North Carolina.  Here is a sample of some of these laws and who is affected:

Consumers:  Judgments and liens for hospital bills or ambulatory surgical centers cannot attach to the debtor’s primary residence and the five acres of property surrounding the residence.

Gun owners:  Right to carry weapons into drinking establishments so long as weapons are not prohibited and the owner does not consume alcohol.

Condominium owners and owners of lots in planned communities:  expansion of homeowners’ association’s right of access to property for repair, maintenance, and replacement activities. 

Parents:  expansion of right to obtain a name change for a child without consent of the other parent where the other parent has committed abuse or certain criminal acts against child or child’s siblings.

Insurance companies and vehicle dealers:  makes it easier to have salvage certificates of title issued where the original certificate is unable to be obtained or located.

Click here for a list of the laws and a link to each.  Skim or read just to ensure you are not missing something.  Remember:  ignorance of the law is no excuse!


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