Life Tip: Avoid The Three F’s

Today we take a brief but worthy break from discussion of the law to help enhance the quality of your busy life.  Time is of the essence and few of us have the luxury of cooking breakfast each morning or preparing a multi-course dinner upon arriving home from a hectic day.  I am frequently on the road and having to make decisions and do planning about what I plan to eat throughout the day.  Here is some simple advice that has helped me navigate this road..Steer clear of the three f’s:  fast food, fatty foods, and fried foods.  You know them………..cheeseburgers…pizza….donuts…..cookies……potato chips…..french fries…..fried chicken, etc.  No question that these foods have appealing smells, appearances, and often taste great but they should NOT be staples of your daily food intake.  For those of you who are striving to reach fitness goals I would venture to guess that your plan (you do have a plan don’t you?) tells you to minimize these foods and maximize the fresh fruits and veggies, whole grains, lean proteins, and water.  Even if you are not on a fitness regime or frequently engaging in physical activity you should lessen your intake of the three f’s. 

Click here for some of the worst fast food choices you can make.  Click here for some better fast food choices.  For those of you who are on the go and find yourself in need of food while in transit take some time and plan ahead.  Consider these tips:

  • Buy a insulated cooler or lunch tote and a durable BPA-free bottle [for water].  Keep a fork, spoon, and can opener in your food bag.
  • Stock up on fresh fruits, nuts, carrots, and other portable snacks.
  • Plan future meals and make creative use of leftovers to quell boredom.
  • Opt for fresh and whole foods over fast, processed foods.
  • Choose the grocery store over a fast food joint.
  • Create a short list of your favorite healthy foods and snacks and keep it with you.
  • When choosing hotels or accomodations look for properties with refrigerators and access to exercise rooms/equipment.

Add years to your life and ditch the “eat-what-you-want-when-you-want-and-live-for-the-day” mentality.  Be intentional and healthful with most of your choices and treat yourself from time to time.  You will feel better and your body will thank you.  Enjoy your next workout, recreational activity, and wholesome meal.  Salud!

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